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We are developing platforms to screen the medicines of tomorrow for side effects and provide patients with safer and better treatments.

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The most effective medicine is useless if its side effects are overlooked. There are over 100 drugs that have been withdrawn from the market because they have caused heart attacks, strokes, dangerous irregular heartbeats, or even death.

We share a vision where medications are both effective and safe and where the safety of patients can be guaranteed through rigorous toxicity compound screening.

Human stem cell technology allows for this vision to become reality. By assembling technology that was developed in a world-leading academic laboratory, we are poised to develop the world’s first platform to detect drug side effects caused in different parts of the human cardiovascular system.

Our drug screening platform

ABS Biotechnologies’ drug screening platform offers solutions for drug developers that current compound screening technology can not address.

1. Blood vessel cells from diverse anatomic locations:
ABS Biotechnology is capable of generating blood vessel cells corresponding to different anatomic locations in the human body. For the first time, this allows for detection of side effects that occur only in certain vascular beds of the human body, including heart attacks and strokes.

2. High-maturity cardiomyocytes:
A better understanding of heart development has allowed us to generate heart tissue that more closely resembles mature human heart tissue. The use of our patented epicardial cell technology gives rise to high-fidelity heart muscle cells that can predict dangerous irregular heartbeats with greater precision than existing technology.

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Our unique repertoire of blood vessel and functionalised heart muscle cells allows for prediction of drug side effects at a new and as yet unmatched level.

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Epicardial cell-driven technology sets the ground for generation of more patient-like heart muscle tissue with a more human-like drug response.

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Our platform is designed for drug toxicity screening in a high throughput fashion.

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Automated screening and analysis processes deliver prompt results.

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We use highly innovative approaches and constantly aspire to improve our existing technology.